Marmomacc - Verona, 2017

From 27 to 30 September  2017

Stand D4 Hall 6

Marmomacc in septembre present Marmomac Architecture and Design brings together events and initiatives intended to enhance knowledge of natural stone by encouraging expressive potential and design applications in interior and exterior contexts alike. Marmomacc is the world's leading global trade fair for the industry of the  stone, where are presented blocks and slabs of travertine, roman travertine and marble,
throughout the supply chain: from the raw products to semi-finished and finished products, machinery and technologies for processing the possible applications of the stone in architecture and design.

In this international event, F.lli Poggi presents blocks and travertine slabs, travertine and roman travertine from Tivoli, having removed directly from their quarries in Tivoli in Rome. Marmomacc is the ideal place where the quality and completeness of the exhibition are combined with the most advanced know-how in the processing of natural stone. Poggi presentsthe projects presented also highlight the strong bond between technological development and the ductility of natural stone - a material that has always been used in the history of human construction.

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