Amazing Hotel building entirely realized with a various selection of roman travertine as a result of elegance, magnificence  and long lasting.
10.000 mq of Roman Travertine Alabastrino Dark cross cut , Roman Travertine Noce Dark cross cut ,Roman Travertine Classic cross cut.

This Hotel has given the opportunity to Fratelli Poggi to match Travertine application with other natural elements such as wood floor, the creation of design elements such as indoor spiral fountain and the installation of mosaic floor where the choice of material and the accuracy of the forms have given a result of the best of Made in Italy.

Year 2013

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Located in a characteristic Art Nouveau building of 1870, it is a precious jewel of Art Nouveau style in the center of Rome.

During the renovation the original marble, all the bathrooms have been made with the Roman Travertine Classic in groundwater and the water table in noce dark  reating a two-tone of modernity and elegance in the environments were maintained.

L 'Hotel is an expression of how our classic material can be applied in a modern structure with special processing in 3D on some plates, resulting in a balance between the' aesthetic and shapes.

For this project we have been used 2,500 square meters. our Roman Travertine Classic cross cut

Years 2008

A building where confort and high tech style and elegance find in Roman Travertine stone the best solution for interior and exterior coverings.

9.500 mq of  Roman Travertine Classic L (Navona) vein cut in this project expression of the minimal finishing to create an evocative setting in the respect of simplicity.

Years 2009

2.600 mq of Roman Travertine Classic vein cut used for the entire facade and the new roof extension, where is located a swimming pool with a great view.  

Years 2013

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