The tiles are special travertine and marble cuts cuts be precise measures. Fratelli Poggi for years to meet the many demands of customers, achieved the purity and elegance of its materials precisely these "tiles", that is, elements smaller cut than the real plates.

Dimension Standard in cm

A spessore cm 1,4:
30x15; 30x30; 30,5x30,5; 33,3x33,3; 40x40; 50x25; 60x30; 60x40;
A spessore cm 2:
55x55; 80x40
width: 20/25/30/35/40

Thanks to the presence in our establishment of numerical control machines for the processing of travertine and  roman travertine F.lli Poggi is able to provide tiles or travertine tiles tailored so as to meet the needs of the customere